Iris Bioherbal Wellness Centre

IRIS Postnatal Therapy will assist to accelerate the process of involution. The therapy will also enhance the tightening of the muscles, reduces joint aches and improve general wellbeing.

The IRIS Postnatal Therapy involves the combination of standard modern medical care and complemented by traditional care that has been practiced and accepted for generations. The therapy is available at your own home or at our IRIS Bioherbal Wellness Centre.

Apart from ensuring the well being of mother, attention will also be given to baby.

The Prescribed IRIS Postnatal Therapy:

Medical Care
A) Routine health monitoring of the mother and baby. eg. weight blood pressure body temperature wound care, and neonatal jaundice.
B) Counseling about motherhood and breastfeeding
C) Baby massage

Traditional Care
a) Massage
b) Tungku
c) Herbal treatment – Pilis, Tapel
d) Abdominal wrapping

Therapy starts on 4th day after childbirth and continues throughout confinement until 44th day. Patient will be taught and guided on the treatment.
Therapy Schedule begins on 4th day after childbirth and continues till 7th day then followed by regular therapy on the 10th, 20th, 30th and 40th day. The final therapy including herbal bath on 44th day will be at IRIS Bioherbal Wellness Centre.

Our company’s provides the following services :
Post Natal Treatment (Home Visits)
Baby Massage
Spa Package For Pregnant Ladies
Hydrotherapy Spa- Foot/ Whole Body( Men and Women)
Traditional Massage(Men and Women)
Traditional Baths
Facial Spa
Anti-aging Facial Therapy
Body Spa
Ante-Natal Programme
Reseller for Tanamera Post Natal Care Set and Baby Products


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