Christian Care Rehabilitation Centre

Many manage to operate naturally and live life to their full potential once more after having been in Christian Care Centre (CCC). Located now at Hulu Langat, Selangor, the rehabilitation center has been around for numerous years since their start in 1978.

CCC is a rehabilitation centre that helps individuals recovers from substance abuse. It is a centre that believes in the total cure of the whole man, that it is something that only God can provide. Matthew Wong, Leader of CCC, says that, “Many lives have been saved!” and amount that totalled from about 800 to 1000 people. Their mission is to seek, restore and set a path for God.

We believe in the total cure of the whole man. This is something only God can provide. For many years now, Christian Care Centre has been conducting drug rehabilitation programme which has seen hundreds of addicts go through the training. Many are now drug-free, married, in full-time ministry and also in secular employment.

The success of the programme is due to:

– The Rehabilitation method which is drug-free, Bible-based and Christ centred
– Students are taught biblical principles for victorious living
– Imparting of social and personal living skills
– Work therapy and vocational training
– A Church-based ministry in which students re-enter and integrate themselves into society through the active participation of the Church

Lot 4775 (ST2/17 B2/1),
Sg. Tekali 43100, Hulu Langat

(603)–9021 2567, (603)–3021 2549


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